Body Memoir

ART. Soul. Community. I am an artist first, in terms of how I experience life. This has taken me decades to claim, as a queer Asian American bodyspirit of the baby boomer generation. But here we are, and I can’t wait to share my work (and play) with you!

As a writer, I am a body memoirist devoted to hidden, fleshy and complex realities in lyrical, sonic and flash forms. The forces of beauty and soul keep me writing through the traumatic stuff. I’m currently working on a book-length project, and feel like I have lifetimes in me still to be written. Do visit me in “Wrinkles, Twinkles & Stones” from time to time, to be in poetic companionship.

I am also a mover and dancer. When I dance, I somehow connect with myself, with others and the Divine in ways that transcend and humble me. As someone drawn to the experiential even in the midst of the performative, I am often awed by image, memory and guidance that I believe are always here with us—in our bodies and our senses—yet so often dismissed or forgotten.

I also find deep joy in guiding others toward their own embodied, contemplative and creative liberation—reconnecting body, spirit, heart and mind . . . as well as past, present and future.